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Who is the Nursing Home for?


The Nursing Home is designed for the elderly in need of constant assistance in daily activities. We provide a safe environment and comprehensive care, tailored to match the individual needs of every resident.

According to our model of care, we integrate many fields of medicine. This approach allows us to guarantee the best prevention and therapy programs.  

Not only do we take into account a resident's current requirements, but we also consider all aspects of his or her well-being in the long-term. We are aware of the fact that with seniors, needs and preferences can fluctuate on a day-to-day basis. 

For each resident, we design an individual care program, occupational therapy activities and activation measures. This approach brings the best result and allows our patients to stay fit, healthy and able to enjoy life for as long as possible.

We have created a space which lets our residents feel safe and accepted, where they can focus on their passions and interests and have the chance to share their knowledge and experience. It is an environment that motivates and boosts self-esteem.





Na Dyrekcyjnej

ul. Dyrekcyjna 5‑7

+48 71 311 11 88

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