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Memory Clinic


The Memory Clinic focuses on education, diagnostics, prevention and research of dementia, with special emphasis on Alzheimer's disease.
We strive to educate seniors and their families about the disease and the correct interpretation or early symptoms. We want to emphasize how important early detection is, and to offer ways of slowing down the progression of the disease.
Staying in touch with universities and other institutions specializing in the area allow us to be up to date with the latest research findings on dementia.


We are also aware how difficult caring for the ill is. We know it is a demanding role- both physically and mentally. The biggest problem with dementia is that it steals the identity of our loved ones. This causes stress and a lack of understanding among family members.
We have therefore created a support group and an educational program for families, to allow them to take advantage of the experience our personnel has to offer.

Angel Care
Senior Center

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